Sunday, December 04, 2005

QueenAnne's Wonderful Blog!

Without permission, but I hope without a complaint, I have included this link.

This blog is informative, well constructed, and above all is written by a teacher that cares.
Please forgive me QueenAnne for posting and assuming your permission.

Special Edd

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  1. Thank you for you kind words. Like many of your readers, I got into education because I wanted to make a difference. I started out in gifted education and now have moved in the world of special education. The reason for the switch is I had a life changing event; 3 years ago my son, who is now 7, was dx with autism. I never imagine I would have a son with autism. As I became more entrenched with the world of special education, I felt teachers who were working with children were not being given the true assistance they needed. Is it fair to a teacher to have five ED students in one inclusion class or another teacher with caseload of 50% IEP students?

    Recently two Republicans have gone down for fraud. We all know that there is fraud in education which is hurting our students and our professionals because of unrealistic and unsupported claims which have been made by people who have never taught in classroom - let alone a special needs classroom. I hope the fraud is exposed one day.

    Special Edd is the real hero in education because he brings stability and assurance to students as well as to their families who operate with a different set of norms. Remember Franklin and Thanksgiving? I would love to see what Sect. Snellings would do if a student showed up on her doorstep. Special Edd opened the door so why is Washington continously closing it???